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London Food and Travel Guide, by Eat Your WorldGoing somewhere and wish you could take all of a city’s Eat Your World info with you? With EYW’s Kindle and City Guides, you can! Don’t miss out on any local foods or drinks during your next trip.

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Peru is fast-gaining a spot in international culinary conversations. It is home to dishes and flavours that are unique to the region, and not found anywhere else. Few places offer such diversity of ingredients,... Read more

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Now on Kindle: New Orleans Food & Travel Guide!

Laura Siciliano-Rosen January 3, 2014

New Orleans Food and Travel Guide on KindleIt’s no secret that we love New Orleans—the food, the cocktails, the music, the attitude. So it’s with great pleasure that we release NOLA as our sixth destination guide on Kindle, with newly updated content thanks to a recent revisit. In it, we direct readers to 40 quintessentially New Orleans dishes and drinks, from our favorite BBQ shrimp to the best handmade daiquiris and everything in between. We also provide suggestions for How to Burn It Off (good luck!) and Where to Stay, and—as a bonus—we’re giving you a detailed three-day itinerary, i.e., A Perfect Weekend in New Orleans.

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About the New Orleans Food & Travel Guide: “Everyone knows there’s great food to be found in New Orleans. But where is it, and moreover, what is it? Perhaps more than anywhere else in the U.S., New Orleans boasts a truly unique culinary tradition—born over centuries of French, Native American, African, Acadian (Cajun), Spanish, Anglo, and Italian influence—that has proven strong enough to withstand Americanization, diet fads galore, and countless devastating hurricanes. It is therefore worth knowing, when you visit there, the cultural significance of boudin sausage, why red beans and rice is always served on Monday, and—of course—where to find the best jambalaya in the French Quarter. This guide from Eat Your World covers all this and much more, pointing the way to 40 iconic NOLA dishes and drinks—from beignets and BBQ shrimp to Sazeracs and sno-balls—to give visitors a solid foothold on the city’s rich gastronomy…and pretty much guaranteeing an incredible time along the way.”

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