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5 Dishes to Eat in Peru


Peru is fast-gaining a spot in international culinary conversations. It is home to dishes and flavours that are unique to the region, and not found anywhere else. Few places offer such diversity of ingredients,... Read more

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Best Spots for Dutch Beer in Amsterdam Laura Siciliano-Rosen June 9, 2015

Samplers of beer from a brewery in Amsterdam

You may think of Amstel, Heineken, and, well, other types of highs in Amsterdam before you think “craft beer,” but the Dutch capital has no shortage of terrific microbreweries and impressive beer bars that showcase small-scale Dutch brewers. While we’ve written about this before, we are revisiting it now in honor of a post we contributed to—essentially a love letter to our favorite beer bar in Amsterdam, Proeflokaal Arendsnest.

For more on Arendsnest and our other favorite spots to drink Dutch craft beer in the city, read on:  

Brouwerij 't IJ in Amsterdam, a brewery set under an old windmill

Best Brewery: Brouwerij ’t IJ

Founded in 1983, this stalwart of the Amsterdam brewing scene is easy to love: It’s located under a...

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Q&A: Andrea Stanley, Maltster, Western Massachusetts Laura Siciliano-Rosen April 9, 2012

Andrea Stanley, maltster for Valley Malt in Western Massachusetts“Beer and spirits were an essential part of everyday life for the first European settlers of our country. Malting barley was brought over on the first ships with other essentials, like wool and wheat. Records show it was first planted on Martha’s Vineyard in 1604. I would like to eventually grow and malt the original variety of barley that was grown in New England.”—Andrea Stanley, Valley Malt

Tell us about your job.
I am a maltster: I malt grains for brewing and distilling. The process
of malting starts with soaking grain, sprouting it, and drying it. It takes one full week to malt a batch of grain, and we malt in 2,000-pound (one-ton) batches. We started in 2010 with one malting...

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Who Wants to Be the Next NYC Brewery? Laura Siciliano-Rosen February 27, 2011

The New York City craft beer scene has exploded in recent years, but with a grand total of five breweries/brewpubs within city limits, we’re still a bit behind on the production front when compared to other U.S. cities like Philadelphia, Portland, Denver, and Austin, where it seems a new brewery opens every other week. (Fortunately, NYC fares better with craft beer bars.) But I have new hope for the future of New York beers after attending Brooklyn Wort, a biannual home-brew competition that packed 30 local brewers into the Gowanus Studio Space yesterday.

Scott and I were there primarily to support friends and event sponsors Valley Malt, a small Massachusetts-based start-up changing...

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