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East London Walking Tour

Spitalfields Market, London

In September I took a walking tour with Eating London Tours which included stops at local restaurants and markets so that we could enjoy not just the East London history but also the local, traditional... Read more

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Where to Eat Middle Eastern Food in Detroit

April 14, 2014

Dearborn, a city within the Detroit metropolitan area, has a long-established Arab-American population, accounting for some 40% of the total population—the...

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  • Prague

    Czechs nickname their capital the “mother of all cities,” the “heart of Europe,” and the “city of a hundred spires.” National pride aside, Prague—with its rich history, beauty, and, yes, countless spires—would seem to deserve its local monikers. Established in the 9th century, the city has since played a role in nearly every historic event that’s stormed over Europe. And as it graduates from its reputation as the backpacker’s Shangri-la, Prague is reinventing itself as the cultural capital of Central Europe.

    Czech food, on the other hand, doesn’t invite such across-the-board compliments. Some complain it’s meat-heavy and greasy, while others rave it’s, well, meat-heavy and greasy. Those four decades of Communist dictatorship didn’t exactly encourage the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients in traditional cuisine, which takes cues from nearby Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Austria. Gastronomically speaking, Prague has long coasted by on its reputation as a paradise for beer-lovers, not foodies. But this is finally starting to change. Health food stores are now aplenty, farmers markets are popping up around the city, fresh and organic produce is finding its way onto many locals’ tables, and new or renovated pubs are priding themselves on preparing Czech food the old way—with fresh ingredients, no corners cut. Best of all, more than a few traditional recipes have withstood all the political repression, economic hardship, and food-supply shortages of the past. Know what youre looking for, and you can get excited about Czech food in Prague. Introduction by Zuzana Boehmova

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    • Smíchovský Radniční Sklípek

      Prague, Czech Republic

      When I spent a semester studying film in Prague, my mates and I ate at this local hole-in-the-wall pub at least once a week. Located in the residential Andel neighborhood across the bridge fro…    Read more

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