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Tucked inside Alfedena’s central park, Il Chiosco is a small, family-run ristorante whose six sides are lined with windows. In the summer, leafy trees shade the local eatery, but now naked trunks line... Read more

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Ovos Moles

Submitted by letgoletsgo
Pastelaria Ramos
Av. Dr. Lourenço Peixinho 84, 3800-159 Aveiro, Portugal

Each town that housed a convent has their own specialty sweet treat. The nuns needed something to do with the yolks after starching their clothes with the whites, so they made treats with the egg yolks. Obis moles are specific to the Aveiro District and come in many fun shapes like clams, fish and sea shells. It tastes like a really thick custard and don't expect to be able to eat THAT many at a time. In Aveiro, you can find ovos moles as a filling inside tripas and even as an ice cream flavour!


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