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Eat Your World Has a New Mobile Site

March 5, 2014

If you get our newsletter, you know this already. But the rest of you are in the dark, and that’s not cool (also: sign up for the site and newsletter here).

Quick: Grab your smartphone. Click over to eatyourworld.com.* It’s our new mobile-optimized site!

Screenshots of Eat Your World's new mobile site

Sure, there’s a sweet smartphone-ready design, but our goal was to make life a little better for you, dear on-the-go reader. To that end, our mobile site has these new features:

It’s GPS-enabled! Now you can select “Find Local Foods Near Me” and pull up a Google map pointing you to Eat Your World-approved local eats & drinks nearby.

• Users can now log in and upload food photos to EYW directly from their mobile devices.

• Browse by state/country to search EYW's database of regional dishes & drinks from 125-plus destinations around the globe.

If we’d made a full-scale app for the website, it’d look an awful lot like this mobile site—so we’re basically just saving you the download. This is only the beginning of Eat Your World’s mobile-space takeover—look for destination-specific apps later this year.

Go check it out today!

*On mobile devices, site redirects automatically to mobile.eatyourworld.com

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