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Links We Like: 10-26 Edition

October 26, 2012

What we’re reading this week in the worlds of food, travel, and beyond.

Green chile burger from the Cherry Cricket in Denver, Colorado

One of our top burgers in the U.S.: the Cherry Cricket’s green-chile burger, in Denver

The Island Where People Forget to Die
Read this article, from the The New York Times Magazine, and you’ll be packing to move to Ikaria, a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea where diet and lifestyle—waking naturally, working in the garden, lunching late, napping, visiting with neighbors at sunset for gossip and wine—conspire to keep many of its residents living healthfully well into their 90s and beyond. 

The Wicked Coast
In The Atlantic, Paul Theroux makes a case for getting to know coastal Maine in winter, when the population shrinks, the roads are empty, the driveways unplowed—and the shellfish “wicked tasty.” We found this archived piece, featured in the 2012 edition of the Best American Travel Writing, courtesy of MissAdventures.com.

The Best Burgers in America
We’re skeptical of any claims of the “best” anything, but it’s lunchtime where we’re sitting and therefore a good time to scroll through photos of burgers, OK? This fun list was compiled by Epicurious with the help of various restaurant critics around the country, so it can’t be too far off the mark. Of course, our favorite burger—one of them, anyway—did not make the cut, but if you’re ever in Denver, be sure a built-to-order green-chile burger from the Cherry Cricket (pictured above) is on your list!

14 Malaysian Food Photos: Are You Ready to Drool?
Remember what we said about it being lunchtime? Well, now we’re really screwed. Over on Migrationology is this mouthwatering post featuring Malaysian dishes, a gentle reminder of how badly we need to explore that country—and get another bowl of laksa at our favorite Queens Malaysian spot in the meantime.

Gail Simmons’ Food Tour of Montreal: Old School vs. New School
Now that we’re back from Turkey, we’re catching up on our Montreal coverage, the start of which we’ll be posting next week. Over on FATHOM, we enjoyed reading Gail Simmons’s favorite picks in the foodie-friendly city she attended college in. We totally agree that the ideal Montreal eating experience incorporates a bit of both the traditional and the contemporary…although we of course admit an affinity for the old stuff. (Bring on the Wilensky’s Specials!)

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