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Links We Like: 8/10 Edition

August 10, 2012

Some favorite links this week in the worlds of food, travel, cooking, and beyond.  

Meatball parm sandwich from Parm, New York City

Red Sauce Diaries: When More is More”: We’re enjoying Roads & Kingdoms’ red-sauce reports from Sicily. In the latest post, Matt Goulding discovers surprising overlap in Sicilian and Italian-American cuisine when it comes to “more is more.” (Pictured above: The best chicken parm we’ve had in recent memory, from New York City’s Parm.)

Edible Fermentables: Wine, Beer, Cheese, Meat”: We’ve encountered our share of fermented foods in our travels, most recently in West Africa (see foofoo), but of course fermentation plays an essential role in all the wine and beer we imbibe rather, uh, frequently. On NPR, “Fresh Air”’s Terry Gross talks with Sandor Katz, the author of The Art of Fermentation, about everything fermented (did you know bread and coffee are fermented too?).

Berlin: A Beginner’s Guide”: We haven’t been to Berlin in a very long while, but you can bet that when we return, we’ll be clicking back to Uncornered Market’s travel guide for tips on what to eat, where to bike, where to drink beer in the park, and more.

Clever Photos of Meals Inspired by Famous Photos”: A designer friend sent this to us and we love it, because we’re always trying to picture the dishes, so evocative of the time and place, described in novels. We only wish there were more than five here.

Leader, but Never the Winner”: In the off-topic-but-interesting category, we were befuddled, after watching Olympics track cycling late one night, by the role of the slow-peddling pace setter, who seemed like he’d be more at home wearing a beret and toting baguettes. Thankfully the New York Times satiated our curiosity about this guy (the “derny”) and his important role in these races.

A Recipe for Pasta with Sausage and Collard Greens”: It’s a straightforward title and recipe, from Kalyn’s Kitchen, but it perfectly suited our needs when we needed a quick and easy idea for our greenmarket collard greens and turkey sausage (we added mushrooms, too). Boiling the greens in the pasta water made it especially tasty.

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