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NYC Food & Travel Guide: Now on Kindle!

September 18, 2013

Our fourth destination guide on Kindle isn’t just any old guide: It’s personal. New York City is our home, for well over a decade now. NYC Food and Travel Guide on Kindle, now available on AmazonAnd as you might imagine, we are often asked where one should eat in New York. It’s a loaded question, really. There are so many options, and so many great suggestions based on what one’s looking for. For the New York City Food & Travel Guide, as on our website, we focus on the traditional, the old-school, the quintessentially New York. If you’re looking for a guide to the city’s hottest restaurants, this ain’t it.

But for a visitor to New York—heck, even for those locals who get caught up in trends—these are all the dishes, and the places selling them, that you need for a solid education on New York eats. Did we mention the foods are delicious too?

Check it out on Amazon now! Like our Amsterdam, London, and Delhi guides, it’s conveniently downloadable to your Kindle, smartphone, or tablet for just $3.99.

P.S. For the guide’s bonus content, we get even more personal: Appendix B is a walking food tour of our very own Queens neighborhood, which happens to be one of the most diverse zip codes in the world. It’s a tour we regularly give friends from Manhattan and Brooklyn, and they’re always blown away. The foods on it are decidedly not “traditional New York,” but they are indicative of who’s settled in this neighborhood in recent decades, making it a sort of local food guide on a micro level.

About the New York City Food & Travel Guide: “New York City has some of the best restaurants in the world, but this guide won’t tell you about them. Because for every globally acclaimed top-chef-backed spot you’ll come across, there’s an iconic or traditional or otherwise only-in-NYC dining experience that needs to be had. This is why you’re here, right? This guide pays a lot of heed to the city’s immigrants, because it is they, of course, that New York—a deeply multicultural city—has to thank for its most quintessential foods: the bagels (Eastern Europe/Jewish), the pizza (Italy), the hot dogs (Germany), even the more newly popular “street meat” (Middle East). But Eat Your World also directs you to lesser-known local favorites and native dishes—like the egg cream and the oyster pan roast, respectively—as well as how to navigate newer trends, like the city’s ever-burgeoning local-craft-beer scene. All in all, you get 22 uniquely New York dining experiences, plus a truly insiders-only bonus section: a walking food tour of one of Queens’ best neighborhoods for noshing, Jackson Heights.”

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