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Q&A: Still Served Warm, Foodie Travel Bloggers

Laura Siciliano-Rosen July 31, 2012

In our ongoing series of travel/food-blogger Q&As, we meet the traveling duo behind Still Served Warm, Ambra and Alec. She’s Italian; he’s Californian; they’re both obsessed with gelato. Their shared passions for travel and food have taken them around the world. See their EYW profile here.

Alec and Ambra of Still Served Warm, in Paris

Tell us a little about your site, and what inspired you to start it.
We were on a road trip through Tuscany and fell in love with gelato. We wanted to learn more about the creative process and the artistry, so we spent hours talking with the owners. When we were finished, we wanted a way to pay them back for their time and generosity as well as reward their excellence. On top of that, we both love to write and have a passion for food. When we put it all together, it just made sense.

In a nutshell, why do you travel?
Simple: We love it. One of our favorite quotes is "the world is a book and those who don't travel only read one page." That sums it up.

What’s your dining philosophy on the road?
We always try to eat where the locals do and seek out authentic food. In some cases it’s pushed us to the limit of adventure—eating salted duck tongue in Macau, for example—but it's part of what makes traveling great. It's seeing the world from another perspective and challenging what you already know.

Where are you now, and what’s the best (local) thing to eat there?
We're currently in Hong Kong, nearing the end of our time in the Orient. Our favorite thing from Asia is sticky rice and mango, a dessert made with coconut milk, commonly enjoyed in Thailand. In Hong Kong specifically, the award goes to the little Portuguese egg tarts. They are truly incredible.

Alec of Still Served Warm eating Magnolia Cupcakes in midtown Manhattan

What’s your favorite city (or cities) for food, and why?
New York, because it has every type of cuisine, and it's all amazing. 

NYC thanks you! You have friends traveling to your respective hometowns. What iconic foods do you insist they eat there?
In Italy (where Ambra is from), it varies depending on the region. Each one has its own cuisine. In her hometown of Cremona, it's tortelli di zucca. Overall it's mozzerella di bufala, from Campania, and gelato.

In Orange County (where Alec is from), there's a few places that one cannot miss: Javier’s has some of the best gourmet Mexican food in the world, and the sushi at Tuna Town is excellent.

We can tell from your site that you seem to have a thing for gelato! Where's your favorite, and what flavor?
We live for it. Picking one favorite is like choosing the best song—it all depends on your mood. For decadence, Gelarmony in Rome is the best. Their noce (walnut) and white chocolate with pistachio is literally inspiring. If it's light and refreshing, Via dei Gracchi (also in Rome) has two of the best sorbets we have ever tried, an Austrian strudel and mint and apple. Both give you all the satisfaction of indulging without any of the guilt.

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