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5 Dishes You’ll Love in Iceland

September 19, 2017

            5 Dishes You'll Love in Iceland

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in Iceland
Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. All photos courtesy of Chanie Hyde.

Traditional Icelandic meals that you may have heard of, like sheep’s face and various uses of offal, are getting harder to come by as younger generations make a decent income and have grown their palates to more European tastes.…

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Recipes from Afar: How to Make Limoncello

June 1, 2017

      Recipes from Afar: Limoncello, Florence

Glass of limoncello with recipe and photo of Florence.
All photos courtesy of Stephanie Andrews

Limoncello: It’s a tummy tamer, an after-dinner delight. Italy’s liquid courage. Behold the power of lemons and their ability to quickly turn your evening into a whirling dervish if you aren’t careful. This isn’t something you knock back like a pint,…

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Seeking Convent Sweets in Sevilla

May 10, 2017

           Seeking Convent Sweets in Sevilla

In Sevilla, traditional local sweets, made by cloistered nuns, abound inside centuries-old convents. You just have to find them.

Plaza Espana in Sevilla, Spain
Plaza de España, Sevilla. Courtesy of Francisco Collinet/Flickr.

“Ave Maria,” comes the soft unseen voice.

Not sure of the proper response to the greeting, I simply say,…

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8 Traditional Polish Soups Not to Miss

April 20, 2017

On a recent trip to Krakow—in the dead of winter—I was on a self-imposed mission to explore Polish soups. Not the jazzed-up modern versions that often taste so flat and commercial, but the local ones prepared in the traditional way. The soups you encounter in the small towns and villages many outsiders never get to, the kind that take you straight to the warm, comforting soul of Polish…

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Not Just a Sandwich in Porto

March 17, 2017

                            When in Porto ...

Sandwiches from Porto, Portugal

Sometimes a dip into another world comes at you fast and furious, and you’re buoyed by its thrill for days. Like that time in Portugal.

I was supposed to just run in for sandwiches.

Our kids had both fallen asleep en route to the Museu Serralves, a short drive from downtown Porto. Scott was…