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Edible flowers in Assam

Assam India

Bitter flowers are [eaten] in Asia. In Assam, northeast India, these flowers are used as food. It's simply made and tasty ; village people like these flowers. They are unique vegetables -- called... Read more

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Eat Around the World: It's Good for You! Carina Chiodo December 11, 2014

Some traditional foods we feature on Eat Your World can be downright unhealthy—think of all the fried chicken and regional hot dogs!—but others, as our intern (and nutritional-science student) Carina found, include superfood ingredients that give a real nutritional boost. We swear.

Chole bhature in Delhi, made with healthy turmeric
Chole bhature in Delhi


Nutritional benefits: Curcumin, the compound that gives turmeric its pungent flavor and bright-yellow color, is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, enabling our bodies to neutralize harmful free radicals. It reduces plaque buildup in the brain, which is thought to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease [1]. Furthermore, a substantial, lifelong consumption of...

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Five Tenets of Healthy Travel—For Food Lovers Laura Siciliano-Rosen February 3, 2014

In preparation for this week’s #healthytravel Twitter chat, which we are cohosting with Yahoo! Travel, US. News Travel, and a few others, we got to thinking about how we travel healthy while stuffing ourselves silly—er, we mean, indulging in local delicacies in moderation. And here’s what we came up with.

Vegetable plate from a restaurant in Austin

Are you the type of person who travels in the moment, suspending all diet/exercise goals to eat and drink everything you can get your hands on?

Is your desire to taste the cuisine of a new city greater than your desire to have a salad every day?

Does “healthy travel” sound unexciting or, I don’t know, too healthy for you?

Well, it’s nice to meet you. We’ll get along...Read More

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Best Hotel-Room Exercises Laura Siciliano-Rosen August 14, 2012

Woman bikes near Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico
Biking in Oaxaca

Eat Your World never tells you What to Eat without also telling you How to Burn It Off. But sometimes hiking and biking just doesn’t cut it, and we need more strength-building exercises in the mix. Of course, we rarely have access to a hotel gym and are often pressed for time when we travel. So we usually find ourselves doing push-ups and squats in our room—and there are hardly two more effective moves out there.

Now, we’re not official experts (more on this below), but we’ve spent a combined five decades in gyms—we both started pretty young!—and I, for one, have spent a few years perfecting the art of working out at home when I’m too lazy to ride the subway to...

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