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Chicken in stone pot


While traveling to Nyingchi, Tibet, you can't miss the local specialty food: stone pot chicken! There are many restaurants selling stone pot chicken in Lulang town, so it is also called Lulang... Read more

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Links We Like: February Edition Ginelle Gross February 28, 2014

In our new monthly installment, we’re sharing some favorite links we’ve come across this month in the worlds of food, travel, and beyond.

Ceebu jen in Dakar, Senegal
Ceebu jën in Dakar, Senegal

How We Ate in 1964, When the Beatles Were on Ed Sullivan, Vs. Now

Over on, the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first performance on The Ed Sullivan Show was celebrated with some fascinating food history. This slide show takes a look at what Americans were eating in 1964—as the Fab Four played to a record-breaking 111.5 million viewers—and how the food scene has changed today. Swanson TV dinners, anyone?

Around the World in 80 Dishes
This piece from our friends at Backpack Me is way more than...

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Links We Like: 11-16 Edition Laura Siciliano-Rosen November 16, 2012

What we’re reading this week in the worlds of food, travel, and beyond.

Beef on weck, a sandwich typical of Buffalo, New York
Beef on weck from Buffalo, New York

Death of a Twinkie: What’s a Trash Foodie to Do Without Hostess?
Hostess declared bankruptcy today, and the Web’s since been aflutter with various bemoanings of loss and happy farewells to the bakery’s famously processed guilty (childhood) pleasures. wonders whether this is an excuse for “overblown nostalgia,” a sad day for iconic American snack foods, or a victory for the nation’s general health.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: Have we always eaten them?
From BBC News Magazine, a brief but fascinating history of the three-meals-a-day we’ve come to accept...

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Links We Like: 10-26 Edition Laura Siciliano-Rosen October 26, 2012

What we’re reading this week in the worlds of food, travel, and beyond.

Green chile burger from the Cherry Cricket in Denver, Colorado
One of our top burgers in the U.S.: the Cherry Cricket’s green-chile burger, in Denver

The Island Where People Forget to Die
Read this article, from the The New York Times Magazine, and you’ll be packing to move to Ikaria, a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea where diet and lifestyle—waking naturally, working in the garden, lunching late, napping, visiting with neighbors at sunset for gossip and wine—conspire to keep many of its residents living healthfully well into their 90s and beyond. 

The Wicked Coast
In The Atlantic, Paul Theroux makes a case for getting to know coastal Maine in winter, when the...

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Links We Like: 9-28 Edition Laura Siciliano-Rosen September 28, 2012

Some favorite links this week in the worlds of food, travel, and beyond.
Note: This will be our last installment for a few weeks, while we travel
around Turkey.

Moon cakes for China's Mid-Autumn Festival

In Focus: Oktoberfest 2012
Via The Atlantic, 34 photos of good times and hefty beers at Munich’s 179th Oktoberfest, happening now through October 7. Gotta love the passed-out revelers “resting” in the park.

5 Best Mooncakes for 2012 – The Good, the Pretty and the Weird
In anticipation of this weekend’s Mid-Autumn Festival, we admit to being a little moon cake-crazy right now (have you heard about our moon cake contest?). But we’re new to moon cakes and still learning of their many regional (and...

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Links We Like: 9/10 Edition Laura Siciliano-Rosen September 10, 2012

Better late than never? Our favorite links last week from the worlds of travel and food.

The iconic steak at Delmonico's in New York City

History: Power Lunches
We love this overview in The Paris Review (by Jamie Feldmar) of so-called power lunches’ role in New York City history, from the business/finance variety at classic Delmonico’s to the Algonquin Hotel’s famed literary Round Table (the buttery, iconic Delmonico steak is pictured above).

The Evolution of World Travel—and the World Itself—Over the Past 25 Years
From Conde Nast Traveler, celebrating its 25th anniversary, here are some fun facts about travel in the past two and half decades via an impressive interactive infographic.

Catching the Gist
Jessica Colley...

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Links We Like: 8/17 Edition Laura Siciliano-Rosen August 17, 2012

What we’re reading, cooking, and watching this week in the worlds of food, travel, and beyond.

Polenta and summer squash with feta cheese
Summer squash, polenta, feta cheese

Tour of Flushing with Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods and Biang!
We are biased, of course, because we live in Queens, but articles about eating out in Flushing, our borough’s chaotic Chinatown, never, ever get old. There are just too many gems in the neighborhood! On our next visit, we’ll seek out some of these, from Serious Eats New York. NYC tourists: You should too!

Taco Bell’s Sophisticated Side
File this one under “positive baby steps in the fast-food industry”: With its Cantina Bell line, Taco Bell, with a nod to Chipotle, is trying for...

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Links We Like: 8/10 Edition Laura Siciliano-Rosen August 10, 2012

Some favorite links this week in the worlds of food, travel, cooking, and beyond.  

Meatball parm sandwich from Parm, New York City

Red Sauce Diaries: When More is More”: We’re enjoying Roads & Kingdoms’ red-sauce reports from Sicily. In the latest post, Matt Goulding discovers surprising overlap in Sicilian and Italian-American cuisine when it comes to “more is more.” (Pictured above: The best chicken parm we’ve had in recent memory, from New York City’s Parm.)

Edible Fermentables: Wine, Beer, Cheese, Meat”: We’ve encountered our share of fermented foods in our travels, most recently in West Africa (see foofoo), but of course fermentation plays an essential role in all the wine and beer we imbibe rather, uh, frequently....

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