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Edible flowers in Assam

Assam India

Bitter flowers are [eaten] in Asia. In Assam, northeast India, these flowers are used as food. It's simply made and tasty ; village people like these flowers. They are unique vegetables -- called... Read more

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What to Eat in Jackson County, Michigan: 9 Spots to Try Jessica Webb at Experience Jackson September 27, 2018

A meat chili-topped Coney dog from Virginia Coney Island in Jackson County, Michigan
Photos courtesy of Experience Jackson

Michigan’s food scene isn’t all about Detroit. In this sponsored post, meet Jackson County, birthplace of the beloved Coney dog and so much more.

Jackson County, Michigan, is known for its diner-style pit stops and family-owned eateries. Whether you are looking for a place to dine in or take out from, eat a regional specialty or devour BBQ, enjoy doughnuts or chow down on desserts, Jackson County’s food scene puts its focus on genuine personality, atmosphere, and taste.

So, what makes Jackson County’s approach to food stand out?

Historically operated eateries are around every corner. Many of them have been serving the community for...

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Top 5 Tibetan Foods in Tibet Laura Siciliano-Rosen January 17, 2018

The final piece of a three-part series brought to you by Tibet Vista, a tour agency specializing in Tibet travel since 1984 (see parts one and two here).

A spread of Tibetan foods on a table in Tibet
All photos courtesy of Tibet Vista

For people who love food, one of the main reasons for choosing a Tibet tour is the culinary culture there. We’ve covered the basics of Tibetan cuisine already; now we’ll go into the dishes you can expect to eat at restaurants in Tibet. Thanks to the close geographical proximity, Tibetan food reflects influences of Indian, Chinese, and Nepalese cookery in its main dishes. However, partly due to the high altitude of the region, rice is not easily cultivated in Tibet, and therefore is not,...

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Q&A: Sonam Tenphel, Tibet Tour Guide Laura Siciliano-Rosen January 10, 2018

Part two of a three-part series brought to you by Tibet Vista, a tour agency specializing in Tibet travel since 1984 (see part one here): Meet a Tibetan tour guide.

A young tour guide hiking in Tibet.
All photos courtesy of Tibet Vista

This job can help others learn about Tibet and make my life significant.” —Sonam Tenphel, Tibet tour guide

A group tour is only as great as the person leading it, so you want an experienced guide with both the knowledge and the passion to see it through. Enter Sonam Tenphel of Tibet Travel agency, a Tibetan native with a background in art history and a penchant for vegetable momos who considers Lhasa “the most beautiful, intriguing city in the world”—and shows it off to his...

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What Is Tibetan Cuisine? Laura Siciliano-Rosen January 3, 2018

Tibetan food is dear to our hearts—we’ve made our home in a NYC neighborhood with a large Tibetan population—so we’re pleased to work with Tibet Vista, a tour agency specializing in Tibet travel since 1984, to bring you a series of three articles on Tibetan food and travel. (See also parts two and three.)

A spread of Tibetan food including bread and meat
All photos courtesy of Tibet Vista

The high-altitude environment of Tibet has shaped not only Tibetans’ lifestyle and culture, but also the food and drinks they consume. With an average altitude of more than 4,000 meters, food and drink must be high in energy content, and be able to sustain the rigorous lifestyle of the Tibetan people. Not only does this high altitude...

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Drink this South African Liqueur, Save Elephants Laura Siciliano-Rosen November 9, 2017

South African liqueur Amarula with a rocks glass

Disclosure: Amarula sent us an at-home safari “care package” in return for helping to raise awareness of the company’s latest elephant-saving initiative. We think this is a great cause.

Like Baileys? Kerrygold Irish cream? Here’s one for you to try: Amarula. The traditional South African cream liqueur, made from the fruit of the wild marula tree—which grows only in subequatorial Africa—is velvety and rich, a little butterscotchy and sweet from the hand-picked, fermented fruit. As the temperature (finally) starts to drop here in New York, Amarula on the rocks is becoming our new favorite after-dinner drink—a deliciously creamy finish to the evening. But there’s a nobler...

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Infographic: Regional Food Maps of Europe Laura Siciliano-Rosen September 14, 2017

Our friends at Uniplaces, a student accommodation provider, share our belief that regional foods are key to unlocking a new culture when you travel. And they made these adorable maps to prove it.

Regional food map infographic of Portugal

Despite its small size, Portugal displays a great food variety. Known specially for its high-quality grilled fish and seafood, the country also has great meat options if you head to the countryside, like leitão à Bairrada (roasted suckling pig) or carne de porco à Alentejana (pork with clams). Ah, and you shouldn’t miss the regional specialty from the two largest cities in the country, pastéis de nata (egg custard tart) in Lisbon and francesinha (an open-faced sandwich with sauce,...

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