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Freetown Through a Car Window

August 20, 2012

            Freetown Through a Car Window

We first arrived to Freetown via water taxi from the airport, a bumpy adventure in the pitch-black night. Our brief drive through the western part of town revealed a city in full Friday-night revelry: unruly streets, overflowing clubs, and candlelit food vendors, their flickering orange flames extending down the road before us. After…

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Letting Go in Senegal

July 27, 2012

View from the road in Popenguine When Scott and I travel for Eat Your World, it’s hardly relaxing. Before even getting to a destination, our minds are already swimming with loads of pre-trip research, we know what foods we’re tracking down and where, and we have a game plan—a soft itinerary of sorts, which always changes upon arrival—of how we might go about squeezing it all into our…

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Where to Eat Near Olympic Venues in London

July 23, 2012

              Get the Inside Scoop on Dining in London:
                       A Special Olympics Discount!

Maybe you are among the lucky few (OK, millions) who have scored tickets to the 2012 Summer Olympics, or maybe you’re just heading to London to spectate and soak up the infectious camaraderie that will flood the city by the July 27 starting date. In either case, you won’t want to…

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Q&A: Jenn Garcia-Alonso, Co-Founder of The Purple Passport

July 10, 2012

The latest in our series of travel/food-blogger Q&As takes us to Abu Dhabi, home base for Jenn Garcia-Alonso, co-founder of The Purple Passport (ThePurplePassport.com). Jenn travels far and wide to create “best of the best” urban travel guides for various cities around the globe, which always, of course, involves a healthy dose of local food. See her EYW profile here. Tell us a little about your site, and…

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Taste-Bud Doppelgangers From Around the World

July 5, 2012

What to do if you’re traveling long-term and cannot stop thinking about your favorite comfort foods from home? You find local substitutes to quell the craving, as LandingStanding’s Meg Rulli explains in this guest post.  Dulce de leche ice cream in Argentina My husband, Tony, and I completely adore food. We are more inclined to spend 30 euros on an exquisite local meal than in a random boring…

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Top 10 Old Delhi Foods

June 28, 2012

Last spring, North India provided one of our most memorable eating experiences, especially within the walled confines of Old Delhi, where, among the dilapidated surrounds and overall crush of humanity, each delicious bite felt like a small victory. When BootsnAll Travel recently approached us about doing a blog-post exchange, it was the first destination that sprung to mind, as we fear it is all too easy for a…

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Home Food Italy: Home-Cooked Regional Food for Travelers

June 20, 2012

Home Food Italy: Home-Cooked Regional Food for Travelers. Back-tracking yet again through the narrow, dark streets behind one of central Milan’s many churches, scanning names on doorbells, we were glad we had arrived with time to spare before our appointment. We were both a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect or who else would be there when we finally found the right building, but no matter what…

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Q&A: Backpack ME, Travel Bloggers

June 13, 2012

In the spirit of building an online community of global travelers and local eaters, we’re happy to announce a new series of Q&As with travel and food bloggers we’ve come to know through their contributions to Eat Your World. Our first subject is the duo behind Backpack ME (bkpk.me), Ashray Baruah and Zara Quiroga, whose (respective) Indian and Portuguese backgrounds yield distinct perspectives not often encountered in the…