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Dish Spotlight: Boza in Istanbul, Turkey

February 26, 2014

    Dish Spotlight: Boza in Istanbul, Turkey

Boza with chickpeas in Istanbul

I’m a sucker for wintery drinks. Not just of the hot chocolate variety—that’s a given—but also thick, filling, savory drinks, like eggnog, Mexican atole, and this stuff, boza, in Turkey. A traditional fermented drink made from wheat, millet, or bulgur—and onetime favorite beverage of Ottoman sultans—boza is kind of an…

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Video: The Making of Manti, in Sinop, Turkey

July 24, 2013

     Video: The Making of Manti, in Turkey

Manti. We tried the beloved Turkish ravioli, filled with ground lamb or beef, three different ways in our travels around the country. In Kayseri, in Central Anatolia, whose version of the dish is most famous, the boiled dumplings are tiny and set afloat in a soupy tomato sauce, dolloped with garlicky yogurt and finished with a sprinkle of oregano, pul…

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A Walk Through Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar

November 1, 2012

A Walk Through Istanbul's Spice Bazaar

Diving into the crowded Spice Bazaar in Istanbul (with some gratuitous product placement, natch)

It’s true we’re biased toward food markets, but the Grand Bazaar—with its expensive gold jewelry, leather jackets, and endless rows of mass-produced evil-eye tchotchkes—just wasn’t our thing. Much more fun and interactive was the Misir Çarsisi, or Spice Bazaar, a.k.a. the…