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December 12, 2011

Have you met Eat Your World? Allow us to introduce ourselves in this one-minute video—and then scroll down the home page to see our newest content.



If you clicked through from the home page, see the column at left for the latest EYW Blog posts.

For those of you who came to know us during our beta phase, here’s the new stuff we launched in mid-December! Please let us know your feedback, including any bugs or issues you encounter, in the comment fields below.


A Single Destinations Map: We’ve integrated the main EYW content map with the user maps, so we now have just one Destinations map. Not only is a single map more user-friendly than multiple maps, but this new system also allows us to better incorporate the helpful contributions of our talented users into the very same framework we utilize for EYW staff content. Therefore, if you’ve uploaded a food photo or written a Food Memory for us in the past, it is now attached by its location to this map. What does it mean for the site? One look at the map says it all: more content from around the world that’s easier to find.

User Profile Pages: You’ll also find your previous (and future) contributions on your user profile page. That’s right, when you sign up as an EYW user, you now have your own profile page, complete with avatar, all of your photos and stories to date, and easy-share social-media buttons. If you’re already a user, log in and you’ll be automatically directed to your page. Add your profile picture today!

New Content: The EYW team has been busy traveling and working on new content to guide you to the most typical regional foods and drinks around the world. We now have more than 425 entries representing local foods and drinks from 28 cities in 10 countries! Be sure to check out our newest sections on Delhi and London, and stay tuned for more coverage on the Florida Keys, Amsterdam, Prague, and Asheville, North Carolina. EYW’s exceptionally well-traveled users, meanwhile, have supplemented our featured content with descriptive regional-food photos and stories from some 15 additional U.S. states and 35 countries, from Missouri to Brazil to Sri Lanka. Our coverage grows daily!

Smaller, No-Less-Exciting Changes

• Every month, we’re choosing an EYW User of the Month—to highlight prolific users with quality contributions—as well as one Food Memory of the Month that we particularly enjoyed.

Improvements to user experience: Users can now add multiple food photos from the same location with ease, and, from their profile pages, can edit their own food memories once they’ve been approved and are live on the site. When users contribute, they’ll receive an email notifying them when their content has been approved and is live on the site. And it’s now easy for users to share their site contributions on Facebook and Twitter.

More videos! You’ve seen our short What is EYW? video in this post; stay tuned for lots more city-specific videos to appear on these pages.

• We’ve improved the EYW Blog, with the following new regular columns: Trips (travel-related stories), Recipes from Afar (recipes of foods we’ve encountered while traveling), Q&As (short interviews with local food producers around the world), Origins (explorations of where certain foods come from), and Photos (photo-related food or travel stories). Pitches are accepted at [email protected] 

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