What: For this very basic, very delicious chaat, boiled potatoes (aloo) are cubed, fried, and spiced up, then served hot with toothpicks. These hunks of frying potato on large, flat tawas manned by chaat walas are a common sight on Delhi’s streets.

Where: Our unadorned, spicy-salty aloo chaat is from Hira Lal Chaat (3636, Chawri Bazaar, map), a friendly stand in Old Delhi. Approaching from the Chawri Bazaar metro, it’s about halfway down the block, on the left. There’s no English signage, but look for the hot, fresh potatoes.

When: Daily, noon-9pm

Order: Aloo chaat (20 rupees), which is topped simply with chaat masala and lime juice here, among other spices, and don’t leave without sampling the tasty kulle, or fruit chaat.

Alternatively: You can find it at the usual suspects, like in Bengali Market at Nathu’s Sweets (multiple branches including 23, 24, 25, Bengali Market, map), but it’d be a shame not to eat it standing on the street, like a true Delhiite. In Old Delhi, look for the tucked-away Bishan Swaroop (1421, Chandni Chowk, map), off Chandni Chowk, or try to find the famous one in Connaught Place (map), located on the Inner Circle’s A block.