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Palermo gourmand

A'Cuncuma, Via Judica, 21, Palermo

Palermo is known as one of the first street food cities in Italy; nonetheless it's rich in gourmet restaurants for more sophisticated palates. My husband and I went to A'Cuncuma restaurant, in... Read more

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Assam Laksa Submitted by: trinna
Taman Connaught, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As a Malaysian, I have a great appetite for food. Especially hawker food. The best dish I would recommend anyone to try is the Assam Laksa. Anywhere I go, I'll always try the local town's Assam Laksa to see how it compares. Although Assam Laksa is from Penang, the ones I've tried all over Penang as an undergrad student there still doesn't compare to the one in Taman Connaught. On Wednesday nights, the country's longest night market is open. The stall, located right in front of the intersection near a shop call Kung Fu Bak Kut Teh and the Leong and Ho clinic. It is operated by a mother and daughter. By local standards, it's expensive to pay RM4.00 for a small bowl of noodle. But to me, it's worth it because of the taste of the soup. Apart from that, you get to walk around the night market, and it is filled with plenty of good hawker food here and there. Give it a try!



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