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Ayam Goreng Showdown Submitted by: eblech
Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

In late February, my husband and I took the train from Singapore to Butterworth, Malaysia and unfortunately forgot to obtain Malaysian Rupiahs before we left. It was 14 hours to our destination and needless to say we were weak with hunger by the time we arrived. Upon arrival we instructed our cab driver to take us to the nearest ATM, then to the nearest restaurant. We ended up at a night market, where we each purchased a serving of Nasi dan Ayam Goreng (fried chicken with rice) that was presented to us on a banana leaf, instead of a plate. A strong sweet tea accompanied the meal.

Fried chicken in Malaysia tends to have a thicker batter than is typical in the States. Apparently the chicken is boiled in coconut milk and local spices before being fried, as well. Ayam Goreng is nearly always served with steamed white rice.

After our long, hungry day on the train, we felt justly rewarded by indulging in a big serving of Ayam Goreng. And at only US$1.50 after the exchange, chicken never tasted sweeter.


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