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Chicken in soy sauce


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Naija Jollof in Nigeria

26 Balogun street amuwo

Hi guys, I'm a Nigerian and just recently joined this platform. For starters I would like you all to know what most families in Nigeria eat for the festive periods. Have you heard of the Naija jollof??... Read more

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Milkfish ball soup

Submitted by hungryel
Yong Ji Milkfish Balls
82 Kaishan Road, Tainan

Milkfish are farmed in the region around Tainan and show up a lot in the city's renowned food culture. Most famous is milkfish balls - roughly formed and fishy but not overwhelmingly so, these are far from the ubiquitous rubbery fish balls found throughout the region. Here served in a simple, refreshing soup with milkfish skin and green onions.


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