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Smíchovský Radniční Sklípek Submitted by: joshg
Prague, Czech Republic

When I spent a semester studying film in Prague, my mates and I ate at this local hole-in-the-wall pub at least once a week. Located in the residential Andel neighborhood across the bridge from the downtown bustle and south of the touristy Prague Castle, it is a favorite townie haunt (though they do have an English menu). Be warned: this is no place for vegetarians. Sklípek is chock full of some of the best traditional meat-tastic Czech dishes in the city. The goulash is fantastic, and the Rízek (schnitzel) is solid. Their Bramboracky (potato pancakes) are some of the best in Prague.

The entrees are all tremendous and average about 6 bucks… That is unless you brave their ‘Pro Otesanky’ (XL) menu (averaging $10-12). If you do, I’d suggest their ‘Western Union’ rack of pork ribs – it changed my life.

Best meal in the joint: Though originally containing tripe, their bowl of traditional Slovak-style soup (about $2.50) has since upgraded to spicy sausage. Potatoes, spices, thick and meaty broth... good lord. On cold winter days I still dream of that soup, served in some huge cast-iron contraption over an open flame. I can still remember my friend’s face the first time he tried it: our eyes opened wide as we realized this was the best soup we’d ever tasted!

Most importantly: you must remember to wash it down with a few bottles of Kozel Cerny. Only then will you have the true-blue Praha experience!


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