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Avenues, Kuwait City, Kuwait

I visited Chocomelt cafe in the Kuwait City at the avenues mall with my family. The food presentation was beyond good and the desserts is created to please you from the first bite Read more

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Turkish durum in Istanbul, a sandwich with meat and lettuce wrapped up tightly in lavash bread.

What: This ever-popular “Turkish wrap” takes grilled lavaş (lavash; a thin tortilla-like flatbread) and rolls it around various meat and vegetable fillings, from döner to tavuk şiş (chicken kebab), usually with a little salad—parsley, tomato, onion—thrown in. Portable and cheap, it makes a deliciously satisfying on-the-go snack when you need a quick fix…particularly at 2am.

Where: One of many dürüm and döner shops near bustling Taksim Square, Çilgin Dürüm (212-293-7216; Sıraselviler Cad. No. 2, map) hit the spot for us.

When: Daily, open 24 hours

Order: We went with a basic dürüm döner with lamb meat (9 TL), which was joined by lettuce, tomato, and a few French fries in its lavaş. The meat was tasty and spicy; the wrap nicely charred with just the right amount of chew (unlike a burrito, which some compare this to, dürüm is tightly rolled and the lavaş just thick enough to contain the meat’s juices, so it’s not messy).The sandwich paired perfectly with a refreshing, tangy ayran. Easy to see why this is a popular fast food, at any hour of the day.

Alternatively: Also in Beyoğlu, and recommended by everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Istanbul Eats, is Dürümzade (212-249-0147; Kalyoncu Küllük Cad.No. 26/A, map), open 24 hours. We’ve also heard good things about Melekler Dürüm Evi (212-243-0585;Küçük Parmak Kapı İpek Sokak No.1, map) nearby.


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