What: A common antojito, or snack, that takes its name from its flute-like shape, a flauta is a rolled-up tortilla that’s been stuffed with something—say, chicken, beef, potato, barbacoa—and deep-fried to a golden crisp. Naturally, it’s topped with a host of other ingredients too, such as shredded lettuce, cream, cheese, and salsa, making for a satisfying mix of textures and temperatures.

Where: Our deliciously crispy, meaty flauta de barbacoa is from the Tianguis Condesa (temporary market in Condesa) in Mexico City, a wonderful display of beautiful fresh produce (take advantage of the fruit and nut samples whenever you can!) and good food vendors.

When: This particular market is held on Tuesdays from around 9am-5pm. There’s another tianguis in Condesa every Friday in another locale.

Order: Choose from queso, chicharrón, potato, chicken, carne de res, barbacoa, and more for your flauta (10p); top it with the works: lettuce, cream, crumbly cotija cheese, salsa verde.

Alternatively: Look for flautas in markets and restaurants all over Mexico.