What: Introduced centuries ago by the French (who made them with almonds), pralines—sweet little nut-based confections—proved to adapt well to Louisiana’s pecan trees and native sugarcane, becoming a unique, popular, cookie-size treat in New Orleans. Today they are made with pecans, sugar, butter, and milk.

Where: In the French Quarter, we picked up our handmade pralines at Southern Candymakers (multiple locations including 334 Decatur St., map), where the staff will give you a free taste before buying. Distinctly sugary and creamy, they make a perfect portable snack for when the sweet tooth strikes.

When: Daily, 10am-7pm

Order: Pralines ($19.95 a pound) for sure, but good luck ignoring the other pretty treats here, like the pecan brittle and double-dipped caramel-chocolate tortues (“turtles”).

Alternatively: Pralines are sold all over the place, especially in the French Quarter. Some other trusted spots include Aunt Sallys Pralines (810 Decatur St., map) and Leahs Pralines (714 St. Louis St., map). Outside the Quarter, Lorettas Authentic Pralines (2101 N. Rampart St., map) is rumored to be the best.