What: Fresh Gulf shrimp is served cold, atop lettuce and dressed with a tomato-based rémoulade sauce, which has a nice little spice thanks to Creole mustard and horseradish—quite unlike the traditional French way of preparing this sauce, which is mayonnaise-based. It’s a refreshing Creole appetizer that helps open up your palate.

Where: French-Creole old-timer Galatoire’s (209 Bourbon St., map) in the French Quarter has a bright and tasty shrimp rémoulade, one of several good things to try here.

When: Tues-Sat, 11:30am-10pm; Sun, noon-10pm. Go at lunch for a more casual experience; the restaurant’s especially famous for its long and boozy Friday lunches.

Order: Shrimp rémoulade as a standalone app ($11), or you can try it with the crabmeat & shrimp Maison in the Galatoire Gouté trio ($20).

Alternatively: Arnaud’s (813 Bienville St., map), another upscale Creole institution in NOLA, and its more casual sister restaurant, Remoulade (309 Bourbon St., map), are other good options for shrimp rémoulade; at both spots, this dish is called “shrimp Arnaud.” And in a town where lots of restaurants close before 10pm (or close altogether on Sundays and Mondays), it’s worth noting that Remoulade is open daily till 11pm.