What: A simple sandwich in which split sweet Italian pork sausage is nestled into a long toasted roll and topped with sliced grilled peppers and onions. Yes, it’s also ballpark and barbecue fare, but it somehow tastes better on the plywood planks of a Jersey boardwalk.

Where: At the south end of Seaside boardwalk, the Sawmill Cafe (1807 Boardwalk) has long been a local institution for its cold draft beers and oversize “world’s biggest” pizza slices (which, once upon a time, sold for a buck with a soda—today they’re, ahem, $4 without a drink). Nowadays, we prefer the Sawmill for our sausage-and-peppers fix—actually, it’s my dad’s go-to spot for these, and we soon agreed.

When: Daily, 11am-midnight (weather dependent)

Order: The sausage-and-peppers sandwich ($9.99); seasoned, crunchy fries make a good optional side. The sausage is juicy and the red and green peppers are cooked just long enough, but it’s the soft, fresh, toasted bread that takes this sandwich up a notch and pulls it all together. Ask for a side of tomato sauce so you can add more tangy flavor, and definitely wash it down with a local craft beer.

Alternatively: Take your chances with any other boardwalk vendor in the state!