What: Wegmans is the (rightfully) celebrated regional grocery chain, originating in nearby Rochester. You can find a handful of locally made products in the Buffalo stores, including two of our favorites: White Cow Dairy yogurts, a fresh, creamy yogurt from a dairy in nearby East Otto; and Chiavetta’s, a tangy vinegar-based barbecue marinade put forth by local caterers.

Where: The Wegmans location at 601 Amherst Street, map, is one of the few stores in Buffalo to carry White Cow Dairy.

When: This branch of Wegmans is open 24 hours a day.

Order: White Cow Dairy yogurts ($2.99 per adorable glass jar) are available plain and in several flavors, including cherry, lemon, rhubarb, and maple (the latter is also offered low-fat). We loved the regular maple variety: creamy and smoothie-like, with a slight tang. Chiavetta’s comes in a few sizes ($2.99 for 1 quart), making for a great souvenir to take home and cook with.

Good to know: Chiavetta’s has one takeout-only location (6100 Fisk Rd., Pendleton, map) in nearby Pendleton, where you can sample some marinated BBQ chicken to go. Alternatively, check out their schedule of roving BBQ events in Western New York.