What: Buffalo’s hot dog brand of choice is the German-style Sahlen’s, and its most popular preparations come thanks to two area chains, one of which grills the dogs over hardwood charcoal (to order) for a crispy exterior and specializes in a hot sauce, and one which does “Texas red hots,” characterized here by a meaty chili-like Greek sauce (confusingly, this style of Texas wiener actually hails from New Jersey, and other hot dogs called red hots in New York state are chili-less). Both have become local institutions.

Where: Ted’s Hot Dogs (multiple locations including 7018 Transit Rd., Williamsville, map) is where you’ll get that nice crunchy charcoal snap and red-colored hot sauce (pictured); Louie’s Texas Red Hots (multiple locations including 2350 Delaware Ave., map) does the meat sauce (with mustard and onions, FYI).

When: Hours may vary by branch. Ted’s: Daily, 10:30am-10:30pm. Louie’s: Daily, 24/7

Order: At Ted’s, order your char-broiled hot dog ($2.59) well done (some char is the traditional way) with the first staffer you encounter inside; when you reach the second staffer, you can ask for “the works”—which entails mustard, diced onion, sweet relish, ketchup, hot sauce, and a pickle—or maybe go for something simpler, like hot sauce and onions, so you can better taste the pork-beef dog and Ted’s famous sauce. A creamy loganberry shake is worth the caloric splurge, or just get a regular loganberry drink. At Louie’s, try the meaty Texas red hot with crumbled feta.