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A Memorable Ramen Encounter


On a cold winter evening in Kyoto, I coincidentally found a minuscule ramen shop concealed in a tranquil rear entryway. Sitting at the counter, I watched the talented culinary specialist fastidiously... Read more

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  • Indio-Coachella

    Southern California’s Coachella Valley—a northwestern extension of the Colorado Desert and home to cities including Indio, Coachella, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert—is famous for its music and food festivals; its celebrity playgrounds; its diverse (and earthquake-prone) area topography and proximity to Joshua Tree National Park, the San Bernardino Mountains, the San Andreas Fault. But its warm…   Read more


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    Los Angeles

    You don’t have to be starstruck to be wowed by Los Angeles. Filled with enough legend to rival Manhattan, it’s a city that lives up to its reputation, for better or worse: Just as you’ll spot a celebrity or two and gape at Rodeo Drive a la Pretty Woman, you’ll likewise spend a lot of time in your car, getting to know the city sprawl, the Skid Row grit between the glitz, the notorious…   Read more


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    San Francisco

    You never forget about the water in San Francisco. From the windswept Pacific coast, running along the city’s western flank, to the shimmering blue waters of the San Francisco Bay, sea breezes can be felt from the top of its steep hills and in the sailor-tinged spirit of its history.  It may have started life as a port town, but San Francisco has since become an international destination for art,…   Read more


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    • Harris' Restaurant in SF

      2100 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco

      I had an awesome prime rib, old school.

          Read more
    • Simple as a Sandwich

      Danville Station Firehouse Bar & Grill, Danville, CA
      Suburbs, in my experience, are hosts for those seeking simple, sound lifestyles. Also according to my experience, the best type of meal to have in a given environment is one that reflects its atmos…    Read more
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  • A Local’s Guide to Eating and Drinking in San Diego

    Mike Hess Brewing (courtesy of CityPASS) In this guest post, our discount-snagging friends at CityPASS share some of their favorite spots for eating and drinking (local beer, natch) in sunny San Diego. Fish tacos, anyone? San Diego’s…   Read more

  • Japantown, San Francisco, in 36 Hours

    Our picks for eating and drinking in Japantown, San Francisco. Japantown mural. All photos by Mary Charlebois Ethereal tonkotsu, silky ramen. Tangy, crisp pickles. Sushi, sashimi, spicy-sweet ginger, and sake. Sweet, chewy mochi. Soak it all…   Read more

  • Q&A: Mario Monticelli, Napa Valley Winemaker, California

    All photos courtesy of Trinchero Napa Valley “[At a family-owned winery], you can think with your heart—it’s not about meeting a bottom line.” –Mario Monticelli, Napa Valley winemaker If you're like us,…   Read more

  • Anatomy of a West Coast Jewish Deli

    Steeped in tradition, Jewish delis around the United States are beloved, often generations-old fixtures. Many of them share similar characteristics—a homey yet straightforward vibe, encyclopedic menus, the familiar routine of big,…   Read more


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