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Authentic Hungarian Food Submitted by: albeerpoe
Wyandotte Michigan

The amazing authentic Hungarian meals at this restaurant start with a great salad and bread basket. This place just celebrated 25 years pleasing families from all over our metro area. A small bar for drinks and a large banquet room is very popular for many events held every year. The most beautiful decorations and a doll room make for a homey feeling for all to enjoy a super family meal. The place is packed with happy diners, not a open table in the house Saturday evening.

Traditional Hungarian goulash is served in a caldron with a lit fire under the pot. A ladle is dipped into the steaming pot to your bowl that's loaded with meat, veggies and paprikash spatzle. The American and Italian styles are made with macaroni noodles -- this dish is the true old-school style you must try. Turos teszta, whoa what a dish! Hungarian house-made wide noodles with cottage cheese and bacon -- pleasant surprise. Pan-fried pickerel was outstanding, plated with turos teszta; it's a must try for you seafood lovers. Traditional combo plate has chicken paprikash, stuffed cabbage and WOW that breaded pork chop. I'll tell you to get this combo on your first visit -- it shows the love put into cooking this family provides to all.

The highlight of the night was a childhood favorite of mine called palacsinta, one with cheese and one with apricot -- these unique crepes are a must-try on your visit. So many other dishes here will make us regular customers of the Hungarian Rhapsody restaurant.


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