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Taliwang Chicken

Taliwang, Sumbawa

On my first trip to Indonesia to visit my wife (who spoke limited English), I spoke not a word of Bahasa and quickly learned that English is not at all common on the remote island of Mataram. With her... Read more

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My Cherry Pie Submitted by: eblech
Grand Haven, Michigan, United States

Michigan is well known for its ample supply of cherries in the summer months, and my husband, Alex, and I took full advantage of that when we took a tour of the Great Lakes region. (Apparently a fifth of America's sweet cherry supply comes from the state of Michigan). Inspired after visiting the quirky, but iconic, "World's Largest Cherry Pie" roadside memorial, we stopped at one of the roadside stalls selling fresh pies. We selected a freshly baked, still warm cherry pie with crumble topping. Needless to say, it didn't last for long. We ate half the pie while sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan that afternoon, and polished off the rest with some vanilla ice-cream the next evening. A fresh fruit pie (as opposed to one made with canned or preserved fruit) is always better in my opinion. Yum.


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