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EYW wants your food stories!

A Memorable Ramen Encounter


On a cold winter evening in Kyoto, I coincidentally found a minuscule ramen shop concealed in a tranquil rear entryway. Sitting at the counter, I watched the talented culinary specialist fastidiously... Read more

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  • Buffalo & Niagara Falls

    The second most populous city in New York state, Buffalo is a city of architectural gems and industry lost, of gorgeous neighborhoods alongside derelict streets, of snow-buried winters and spectacular summers. It’s a working-class rust-belt city of extremes, scrappy and rightfully proud of its graceful Frederick Law Olmsted-contrived parks (he of Central Park fame), arresting Frank Lloyd Wright-designed…   Read more


    Find local foods in Buffalo & Niagara Falls.

    Montauk, Long Island

    It’s the end of the LIRR line; the very eastern tip of Long Island jutting out into the teeming Atlantic, much closer to New England (by ferry) than New York City, 120 miles away—and it indeed feels far away from anything resembling hustle and bustle. Long the laid-back, clam-shack-dotted, surfer-friendly alternative to the posh Hamptons, Montauk is ruggedly beautiful year-round (though certainly…   Read more


    Find local foods in Montauk, Long Island.

    New York City

    It’s hard not to fall for New York City. The bright lights, the great heights, the hustle and bustle, the diversity, the glamour, the grit: It collectively represents different things to different people, but for many, it smells distinctly of possibility. It’s a scent that has historically attracted an incredibly wide range of people—artists and entrepreneurs, immigrants and misfits—who in…   Read more


    Find local foods in New York City.

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    • Ah, Eggrolls...

      New York, New York, United States

      While it is true that I crave truffle oil on just about everything, and I’ll cook fish in white wine and lime juice any chance I get, there is no greater all-purpose evening-at-home food…    Read more

    • Train Wreck Fries

      New York, New York, United States

      As is our custom, our group went to Jimmy's Corner (a neighborhood "joint" located on W.44th St one block from Times Square) for a Bloody Mary, to kill time while waiting for our…    Read more

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  • How to Eat (and Cook) Greener for Earth Day, and Beyond

    Our favorite tips, recipes, and products for a more sustainable plate and kitchen, including eating less meat and cutting back on plastic bags. This month, we dedicated our monthly newsletter and social media coverage to Earth Day, which…   Read more

  • Where to Eat (+ Drink) Well in ... Times Square

    Where to eat in Times Square that's not a tourist trap? Start with these 26 local-approved places. Everyone will tell you: Don’t eat in Times Square; it’s all touristy overpriced nonsense. And there is some of that, sure.…   Read more

  • What to Eat in NYC? We Got You Covered

    Planning a trip to New York City is hard enough, but if you really care about food? Weeding through countless blog posts, guidebooks, newspaper and magazine articles, Yelp reviews, Instagram posts and everything else on the internet,…   Read more

  • How to Eat Like a Local in New York City

    Scott and I have called various parts of NYC home for 15-plus years now, which, besides dating us considerably, means we've eaten quite a lot in this fair town of ours. It was here, after all, where my own love for food, and for experiencing…   Read more

  • How the Tibetan Momo Became a Cultural Icon in Queens

    “Local food” is the name of the game here at Eat Your World. But what is local food? Sure, we define it every which way on our FAQ page, some of it being quite obvious: native dishes, locally produced foods. It’s the gray area…   Read more

  • The Perfect Anniversary Dinner at Eleven Madison Park, NYC

    Eleven Madison Park may be the perfect place to celebrate a big anniversary in NYC, at least for two New Yorkers who love the city's culinary traditions, fine dining when it counts, and, you know, each other. Eleven Madison Park's…   Read more

  • Eat Your World's Food Tour in Queens

    Papri chaat: a tour favorite [photo: Sam Kolich] For years now, Scott and I have taken our friends, and friends of friends, on an informal food tour of our deliciously diverse neck of Queens: Jackson Heights and Elmhurst. Here is a 12-block or…   Read more

  • Get Your Hot Dogs, America!

    A chili cheese dog from Pink's, a Hollywood icon Summer is prime hot dog season in the U.S., when warm temps invite grilling, beer drinking, and lazy hand-held-sandwich eating. This Friday, wiener consumption will hit its yearly peak:…   Read more

  • NYC Food & Travel Guide: Now on Kindle!

    Our fourth destination guide on Kindle isn’t just any old guide: It’s personal. New York City is our home, for well over a decade now. And as you might imagine, we are often asked where one should eat in New York. It’s a loaded…   Read more

  • Dish Spotlight: Egg Creams in New York City

    Egg creams are perhaps my favorite thing to insist that visitors to New York try, because no one ever knows what the hell they are—in fact, I know far too many residents here who aren’t familiar with them! The first point to clarify…   Read more

  • Farmers Market, Extended

      It was such a relief last week to find out the local Queens farmers market has been changed to year round. With only a week left to Thanksgiving, we usually are stocking up on the turkey meat and sausage that we will freeze and use…   Read more


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