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  • Fish 'n Chips With My Baby

    Cervantes, Western Australia
    For many Western Australians fish and chips on the beach is a well established ritual woven into many trips to the beach, particularly in the evening. This food that is common all over the world is…    Read more
  • Po'boy Showdown

    New Orleans
    Jazz Fest NOLA has got to be one of the best annual music festivals held in the USA. In addition to all the jazz, blues and gospel on offer, there are amazing food stalls set up across the festiva…    Read more
  • Bunny Chow

    North Beach, Durban
    Bunny chow is Durban's answer to street eats and perhaps the most well known local dish there. Think half a loaf of white bread, hollowed out and filled with delicious curry. The 'bunnies' we tried…    Read more
  • My Cherry Pie

    Grand Haven, Michigan, United States
    Michigan is well known for its ample supply of cherries in the summer months, and my husband, Alex, and I took full advantage of that when we took a tour of the Great Lakes region. (Apparently a …    Read more
  • Ayam Goreng Showdown

    Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
    In late February, my husband and I took the train from Singapore to Butterworth, Malaysia and unfortunately forgot to obtain Malaysian Rupiahs before we left. It was 14 hours to our destination a…    Read more
  • The Real Bali

    Bali, Indonesia
    My husband and I recently were in Bali for a 2-day layover. To fill in some time we signed on to "The Real Bali" cycling tour of the villages around Ubud. The tour was fun, but the high…    Read more
  • Kalahari Truffles

    Swakopmund, Erongo, Namibia
    I was fortunate enough to sample Kalahari truffles while visiting family in Namibia. These truffles are shaped like regular truffles, but have the texture and taste of mushrooms. They grow in the…    Read more

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