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  • Cape Cod Bounty

    Falmouth, MA
    It was a summer Saturday on some picturesque beach in Vineyard Sound, empty but for the windswept dune grass, a few friends, and a scattering of towels and coolers. We waded in from our boat, flo…    Read more
  • For the Sake of Ham

    Rio San Juan, Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Dominican Republic
    At a hotel in the DR, we’d just finished a good but modest, very Dominican lunch of fish, rice, and beans. About to return to the beach, we notice a group of people checking in and can tell…    Read more
  • Lucky Dim Sum

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Our first morning in Vancouver, Scott and I took the “scenic” route to Chinatown from Commercial Drive by walking down E. Hastings Street, the strip notoriously known as Vancouver&rsquo…    Read more

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