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Provence delights in Avignon


Avignon is known the world over for its Popes Palace. But any curisous visitor will find out the city has way more to offer, especially on the food scene. As commented on a recent post, Fougasse is THE... Read more

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Where to Eat Middle Eastern Food in Detroit

April 14, 2014

Dearborn, a city within the Detroit metropolitan area, has a long-established Arab-American population, accounting for some 40% of the total population—the...

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  • Austin

    Thanks to a roster of high-profile festivals, you might first think “music” when Austin comes to mind. And you wouldn’t be amiss: The city is known, after all, as “The Live Music Capital of the World.” But Austin, the fast-growing state capital of Texas, is much more than its rich music scene. It’s an eclectic college town, a haven for independently owned businesses, a liberal pulse in a conservative state. Populated by a colorful, dynamic mix of longtime locals and newer transplants who strive to “Keep Austin Weird,” the city is perhaps less eccentric than it wishes it were—especially given all the new high-rise condos around—but the point is that it strives to be different, thereby attracting interesting new businesses, ideas, and people. (Plus, it is still home to “chicken sh*t bingo.”) The local food scene reflects this diversity, ranging from Southern classics and BBQ—always an area obsession—to Tex-Mex favorites and superb locavore options. Whole Foods started here, so it’s only natural that nowadays there are food trailers turning out locally sourced, gourmet foods at trailer-appropriate prices. A terrific array of local beers—or wine, for that matter—to pair with your expertly smoked brisket? Check. Spend a few days in Austin and you can’t possibly tire of the dining, drinking, shopping, and music options. Stay longer and you might never leave.

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