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Ethiopian Chicken Stew (Doro Wett)


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Eat in a Wine Barrel in Chiusa, South Tyrol

Via Tinne 7, Chiusa

Chiusa is an alpine village with pastel-coloured houses and birrerie. It has a special eatery with typical hearty fare of the Sud Tirol region where, if you’re lucky enough, you can eat in a booth... Read more

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 Drink this South African Liqueur, Save Elephants

South African liqueur Amarula with a rocks glass

Disclosure: Amarula sent us an at-home safari “care package” in return for helping to raise awareness of the company’s latest elephant-saving initiative. We think this is a great cause.

Like Baileys? Kerrygold Irish cream? Here’s one for you to try: Amarula. The traditional South African cream liqueur, made from the fruit of the wild marula tree—which grows only in subequatorial Africa—is velvety and rich, a little butterscotchy and sweet from the hand-picked, fermented fruit. As the temperature (finally) starts to drop here in New York, Amarula on the rocks is becoming our new favorite after-dinner drink—a deliciously creamy finish to the evening. But there’s a nobler reason to try it: The company wants to help protect the African elephant from extinction.

For the rest of 2017, Amarula is donating $1 of every bottle sold in the United States to the renowned nonprofit WildLifeDIRECT, to support on-the-ground conservation efforts. It’s the latest in a string of initiatives for their global “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign.

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Hobart, Tasmania
  • Curried scallop pie

    It was while searching for oysters back in the late 1800s that the first sizable discovery of scallops was made in Hobart, in the cold waters of the adjacent River Derwent. The evolution of...

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  • Sweet rice cakes: ludagun, aiwowo

    Sweet rice cakes are a popular snack throughout China, but two are particularly close to Beijingers’ heart. First up is ludagun (驴打滚), or “rolling donkey.” Now, the colorful...

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  • Prego

    Thinly sliced minute steak on a Portuguese roll, taken to the next level by its garlicky marinade. What bifana is for pork, prego is for beef: a national sandwich of Portugal. And while seafood variants...

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