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Chef Eddie

orlando, fl.


We heard about a BBQ place in Orlando and decided to try it. We drove into a questionable neighborhood at night. Parked and tried to decide if we… Read More

Fish Fry Surprise

Sargento Aldea, Avenida Independencia 2120, Valparaiso, Chile


With five weeks to spend in Valparaiso, Dave and I settled into our apartment and felt immediately at home in this labyrinthine city. The first d… Read More

Lummi Island Salmon

Seattle WA


Lummi island is part of the San Juan Islands. "Lummi Island Wild Cooperative’s mission is to promote the respectful and responsible harvesting … Read More

Eating and Drinking in Barcelona - My Picks

Barcelona Spain


Boadas Cocktails – What grabbed my attention about this bar is that it is the oldest cocktail bar in Barcelona, dating back to the 1930’s. It… Read More

La Matanza (the pig slaughter)

Esporles village (Balearic Islands in Spain)


The “Matanza” day at my village is a feast day and everybody is invited to participate to it. This is one of the most important rural traditi… Read More

Great steam crabs and clams

Kent Island, Maryland


If you are looking for an old fashion Maryland crab house on the water you have to go to Harris Crab house on Kent Island. no pretenses here, jus… Read More


Turkish cuisine is one of the cultural heritage of Turks who have played an imporrant role in the beginning and decelopment of the history of wor… Read More

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre


So after taking the train to Cinque Terre from elsewhere in Europe, like from Florence, Pisa, or Milan, you might find yourself looking at your m… Read More

The Great Bali Debate - Rice or Noodles

Sanur, Bali


On a recent trip to Bali, I found myself meandering through a local night market in Sanur. The din of merchants selling their wares, discovering … Read More

Opies BBQ

spicewood, tx 78669


Newly arrived in Spicewood, we tried Opies for BBQ, as we made our quest to find our favorite BBQ place in Central Texas. We have tried dozens, i… Read More

Iconic Hong Kong Foods

Hong Kong


Food-related travel is quite the trend nowadays. Intrepid travelers have no qualms getting on a flight and traveling to distant lands to discover… Read More

Post Diwali Indulgences

New Delhi, India


It’s that time of the year again! There is a slight nip in the air and the smells of autumn fill up mornings. Diwali has just gone by but that… Read More

Tasting Bali, a sensory adventure



Bali is a land which borders on the culture of east and west, a popular holiday destination between Australia and Asia. The contrasts reflected i… Read More

Best tastes of Southern Tuscany



The Maremma is known for its cultura contadina or peasant's culture. Every town has its own tastes and take on certain dishes. But no matter wher… Read More

Fish 'n Chips With My Baby

Cervantes, Western Australia


For many Western Australians fish and chips on the beach is a well established ritual woven into many trips to the beach, particularly in the eve… Read More

Portuguese repast

Coimbra, Portugal


In Portugal, the western country in the continental Europe, each meal is a ceremony, a time for sharing and enjoying a pleasurable living. The me… Read More

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