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Gourmet Lunch at “La Taverna”, Castello Banfi

Montalcino, Italy

In the stunning 5-star resort Castello Banfi Il Borgo, set in a 13th century Tuscan castle, what made our experience at the resort even more memorable was the incredible lunch at La Taverna. At their... Read more

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5 Foods You Must Eat in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv beach Israel
Photo by Isrealtourism/Flickr

Between the sprawling beach lining its western edge and the wide, shady boulevards that roam through it, Israel’s cosmopolitan center visually stuns. But Tel Aviv is more than just its good looks: From street food to top chefs, the cooks and kitchens of this city use fresh, Mediterranean produce, a heavy hand with the local spices, and culinary inspiration from around the globe. Many of Israel’s most famous dishes can be found in some form all over the world, but the unique excellence of the local versions sets them apart. From the pedestrian streets of Carmel Market to the stone paths of Jaffa’s old city, here are the five dishes that you don’t want to miss in Tel Aviv.

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Coastal Yucatan
  • Salpicon de venado

    This salad is one of the most commonplace uses today of venado, or venison, the native small deer prized by the Mayans, at one time abundant in the Yucatecan wilds (today they are domesticated). Shredded...

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  • Callaloo

    Leafy greens, usually those of the amaranth plant, stewed with tomatoes, Scotch bonnet peppers, onions, and some butter or margarine, and steamed. Popular in one form or another around the Caribbean,...

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  • Lokum, Turkish delight

    Turkish delight (lokum)—you’ve probably heard of it and maybe have tried it before, but what is it, exactly? It’s a gummy, fragrant, delicate sweet, a confection made of slow-cooked...

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