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Eating Kashmiri Wazwan

March 23, 2023
A ladleful of rogan josh, a velvety thick, bright-red and very spicy Kashmiri dish that is part of Kashmiri wazwan cuisine.

In the northernmost part of India, Kashmir is world-famous for several reasons, from its handmade shawls to its stunning natural beauty. But one thing you may not be familiar with is its renowned cuisine, known as wazwan. Kashmiri wazwan (also spelled wazawan) is a traditional multi-course meal, served on special occasions such as weddings and festivals. This grand feast consists of a variety of meat-based dishes, vegetables, and…

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Favorite Old Town Alexandria Restaurants

August 1, 2022
Pedestrian-only part of King Street in Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria—the nationally designated historic district in downtown Alexandria, Virginia, along the Potomac River waterfront—is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Pre-dating Washington, DC, colonial Alexandria provided a place for the country’s founding fathers to congregate and plan their new democratic government. Lined with multimillion-dollar historic town homes, boutique storefronts, and quaint brick sidewalks, Old Town has been incredibly well-preserved, providing visitors with a…

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South Richmond Hill: A Self-Guided Food Tour for the Senses

June 16, 2022
An Indo-Caribbean aloo pie stuffed with channa, chickpea curry, from Richmond Hill, Queens

South Richmond Hill, where Little Punjab meets Little Guyana in southeast Queens, is one of the most fascinating, diverse—and, at times, overwhelming—neighborhoods of New York City. But getting to know this cultural and culinary treasure trove is rewarding and easy if you know where to go, whether it’s an afternoon food adventure you’re after or just a great spot to eat near JFK airport. Here’s how to eat…

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Where to Eat in Queens, According to Locals

October 25, 2021
Where to eat in Queens on a new map

Our fully interactive and user-generated map will guide you to the best local restaurants and street vendors in Queens—according to the people who live and eat there. Queens is a literal treasure trove of cuisine and culture. And yet so many people miss it, or skim over the surface of it, perhaps because they’re busy or distracted, or maybe intimidated by where to start. Via food tours, posts…

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Project Postre: South American Desserts in Queens, NY

August 4, 2021
Peruvian picarones, sweet potato and squash doughnuts, from a street vendor in Jackson Heights, Queens.

You already know that Queens is incredibly diverse. Its 2.3 million residents from more than 120 countries contribute much from their various cultures, particularly in cuisine. The sheer variety lends itself well to deep dives into specific cuisines—via food, one can be immersed in a certain culture, and more easily pick up on the similarities between cultures. My family is from India, but as my hometown is Queens,…

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The Rise of the Home-Based Kitchen in Queens

May 26, 2021
Selection of delicious diverse foods found in the home-based kitchens of Queens

Whether by necessity or for fun, lots of people have started cooking and selling out of their home kitchens this past year, adding increased variety to Queens’ already super diverse dining scene. Here are 9 to try. [Last update: July 21, 2021] Every other day I seem to learn about another new home-based kitchen or chef in Queens—someone with or without professional cooking experience making something delicious for…

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Sorghum: A Look at an Essential African Grain

March 24, 2021
Sorghum field close-up

In the world of native African grains, the significance of sorghum spans centuries and borders, widely scattered around the continent like the seeds from which it comes. But what is sorghum, exactly, and why is it important in Africa?   Sorghum is an ancient, nutrient-packed, relatively drought-resistant cereal grain used for food (as a whole grain, ground into meal, and as a sweetener, like molasses), the production of alcoholic…

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Eat Something New in Queens Recap

March 9, 2021
A recap of the Eat Something New in Queens challenge

What happens when neighbors inspire neighbors to eat something new. Earlier this year, we hosted our first Eat Something New in Queens challenge, and it was so incredible to see so many community members inspiring each other regarding what and where to eat. I had no idea how many people would sign up to participate, but we had well over 100 Queens locals, and exactly the kind of…

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The Regional Indian Breads to Know

January 31, 2021
Bowls of dal, baati, and churma from Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

India is a country of humongous diversity that’s reflected in its culinary traditions—and its wide variety of regional breads is no exception. The influence of multiple cultures and different geographical regions is clearly evident in the smorgasbord of Indian breads on offer. The rotis, parathas, and bhakri (millet rotis) are traditionally an intrinsic part of everyday meals. The foreign settlers and migrants, too, left a mark on breads:…