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EYW wants your food photos!

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EYW wants your food stories!

A Memorable Ramen Encounter


On a cold winter evening in Kyoto, I coincidentally found a minuscule ramen shop concealed in a tranquil rear entryway. Sitting at the counter, I watched the talented culinary specialist fastidiously... Read more

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Since launching in late 2011, Eat Your World has shown an average growth in visits of 35% every month in the ever-expanding niches of local food tourism, food photography, and international travel. The site has been featured in The New York Times, Lifehacker, FATHOM, AFAR, Budget Travel, and more (see Press page); past content partners include and The Daily Meal. Further exposure comes via cofounder and writer Laura Siciliano-Rosen, who periodically writes on behalf of Eat Your World for publications such as,, Serious Eats, and Budget Travel.

Food tourism—“any tourism experience in which one learns about, appreciates, and/or consumes food and drink that reflects the local, regional or national cuisine, heritage, and culture,” as defined by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, a non-profit that consults on food-and-beverage-themed tourism development worldwide—is a big, fast-growing business. According to a 2020 report by the U.S. Tour Operators Association, 37% of American travelers want to travel more this year, with top motives for travel being to experience different cultures (92%), exploration and adventure (89%), and a desire to experience new cuisines (83%). We can help you reach those food- and adventure-loving travelers!


-Demographics at a glance: affluent travelers; approx. 60% female/40% male; 21-44 age group; top five countries: U.S., U.K., Canada, India, The Netherlands

-Google Page Rank of 4

-Organic traffic growth in 2013: 300%

-11 destination guides (and growing) on Kindle, sold via

-Social media presence: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube

-Captive subscriber audience

Please contact [email protected] for an updated 2020 media kit.




We have the following ad spaces available on our website, with the option to run on the Home and Blog pages exclusively or on a specific destination. Eat Your World is a popular trip-planning resource, incorporating lots of eating tips for foodie travelers (“What to Eat”), but also prompting them to think about activities (“How to Burn It Off”: biking, hiking, kayaking, etc.) and hotels (“Where to Stay”) in a given location. Want to target readers traveling to Nashville, Amsterdam, Delhi, or another of our 50 other featured destinations? We can help with that.

Vertical banner: 120 x 200

Vertical skyscraper: 120 x 600

Leaderboard: 728 x 90

Please contact [email protected] for pricing information.


A sponsored post or giveaway must always be identified as such, but will appear on the EYW Blog page and be featured on the Home page, just as all EYW Blog posts are. Posts can be written by you or by us, will be pushed to social media networks, and may optionally appear in an EYW newsletter. Embedded video, images, and/or links are all possible. Content must align with Eat Your World’s; a clear food and/or travel theme must be present. (Per Google's rules, we do not allow do-follow links in sponsored content.) 

Please contact [email protected] for rates.


We can't always accept group press trips, whether for bloggers or traditional media, but we have made it work in the past. We do have an editorial policy that dictates we independently choose our featured restaurants, so if there's a group itinerary, there's a good chance we will be detouring from it a bit (on our own dime) to fulfill the needs of our site. With that fair warning, we can offer tourism boards the following:

--a dedicated destination guide to a city or country, with a focus on the destination’s local dishes and drinks (what they are and where visitors can find them; i.e., “What to Eat”) as well as suggestions for activities ("How to Burn It Off") and hotels ("Where to Stay")

--2-3 posts on the EYW Blog dedicated to various elements of our experience in the destination

--live social media updates for duration of the travel

--the potential for a Kindle destination guide, to be sold on

--the possibility of an externally placed story in other outlets, written by Laura

For example, see some of the outcomes of a 2019 Utah Valley FAM trip:

Utah Valley destination guide story about the Krishna temple

Live social media updates (see the Utah Vally story highlights; each story garnered 200+ views)

EYW blog post forthcoming in spring 2020 (per seasonal activities)

Please request our 2020 media kit for more information, including testimonials.


Cofounder Laura Siciliano-Rosen has written about travel, food and/or beer for publications including The New York Times, New York, Rough Guides, and Draft (see clips here). She also has copy writing and extensive copy editing experience. Contact her at [email protected].


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