Behind the iconic monuments and political dysfunction, the sea of museums and turreted row houses, the U.S. capital has a lot to offer the hungry traveler. Take the sheer diversity that comes from a true melting-pot city—where Salvadorans mingle with Vietnamese and Nigerians—mix it with a few excellent food halls/markets, and add some Top Chef types and award-winning restaurants, and it’s safe to say there’s something here for everyone. As far as regional eats go, the field is a bit narrower. Locals often ask themselves, What’s truly a D.C. original? Many are stumped beyond the (wonderful) half-smoke sausage. But fear not, intrepid reader: If you’re seeking to taste a few of D.C.’s favorite things, those foods deeply associated with the city, in the city proper—not in nearby Maryland or Virginia—we’ve got you covered.