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Eat Your World is a trusted NYC-based brand with global reach. The site has received press from the likes of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, and many more outlets in its decade-plus lifetime; it has a domain authority of 59, per Our content has been licensed and adapted for We have worked closely with tourism boards, NYC business improvement districts (BIDs), hotels, restaurant associations, and other organizations to promote destinations, NYC neighborhoods, hotels, and restaurants in our own genuine way.

EYW focuses on local foods in destinations near and far, to help travelers deepen their experience of a culture and place. Our audience is curious and adventurous, and considers local foods and drinks key to really experiencing a destination and creating the best memories—but as you’ll see on the site, we traditionally have an outdoor activity component too, always sharing with readers “how to burn it off” after eating all that delicious food. The majority of EYW’s global audience is U.S.-based, followed by readers from the Philippines, the U.K., and Canada. Top states include New York, Illinois, California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Our primary demographic is about a 56-44 female-male split, predominantly ages 18-44.

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An Eat Your World subscriber survey revealed that 82% of readers “travel for the food.”


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Sponsored content

Written or edited by Laura, sponsored content is accepted where there’s a strong local food-travel angle. In compliance with the FTC, the content will clearly be labeled as sponsored, and per Google, we’ll use the “sponsored” link attribute. Please do not ask for follow links, or sponsored posts about unrelated content—the answer will always be no. See some past examples here.

We also offer packages of sponsored blog and social media posts, plus newsletters. Past clients include Visit Laramie (WY), the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association, and the Queens Economic Development Corporation.

FAM/press trips

We only occasionally accept press trips. Due to our strong regional-food focus, we require a certain amount of independence when covering a destination. But with enough room to explore, we can produce a dedicated destination guide to any city, with a focus on local dishes and drinks (what they are and where to find them; i.e., “What to Eat”) as well as suggestions for activities (“How to Burn It Off”) and hotels (“Where to Stay”).

We can also offer 1-3 posts on the EYW Blog dedicated to various elements of the destination experience, plus: live social media updates (Instagram stories) for the duration of the travel; 2-3 in-feed posts and reels during/after the travel; and destination inclusion in an EYW newsletter to all subscribers.

Content creation

Need sparkling-clean ready-for-you content to publish on your tourism website? We do this too; see an example from Discover The Palm Beaches.

Brand partnerships and affiliates

Our core values include authenticity, open-mindedness, culture, diversity, philanthropy, and sustainability. We’re happy to work on content creation with brands that align with these. We work with affiliates sparingly—please get in touch to learn if we’re a good fit.

“When planning our media tour to Utah Valley in 2019, we sought out writers, journalists and bloggers who’d most appreciate and convey the variety, uniqueness and overall natural beauty found in the heart of Utah to their readers and followers. Laura Siciliano-Rosen from Eat Your World was an ideal choice! Not only did she do an amazing job of capturing the natural wonders, family-friendliness and, especially, the delicious and even quirky restaurant fare for Eat Your World, she also illustrated a slice of unexpected diversity for an article in OZY. Her adorable family, with some very well-mannered boys, was a delight to host during their stay.” —Jennifer Durrant, on behalf of Explore Utah Valley

For New York-Area Brands

Eat Your World is based in New York City and has a strong readership there, particularly on Instagram and Facebook. Laura runs regular “around the  world” food tours in her Queens neighborhood, and produces eating itineraries for different parts of NYC. In the past she has run targeted email campaigns to promote Queens-area events to the thousands of NYC-area readers on her email list.

In early 2021 she engaged and challenged her local Queens community to “Eat Something New” via a series of 5 emails, to inspire people to eat with curiosity while supporting local eateries. She created a Facebook group, Eat Something New in Queens, as a discussion platform.

She quickly grew a thriving online community that’s at 12K members and growing, and has largely moved offline as well, as members constantly dine together at regular meetups. Participants have called it a “unicorn” for it being such an engaged, helpful, and respectful Facebook community!

Her second engaged Facebook group, Eat Your World (Outside Queens), focuses on food elsewhere in NYC as well as around the globe, and currently has 1.6K members.

She’s frequently in contact with both locals and visitors to NYC who trust her food and travel recs, putting her in a unique position to work with New York-area brands she herself trusts.