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A Memorable Ramen Encounter


On a cold winter evening in Kyoto, I coincidentally found a minuscule ramen shop concealed in a tranquil rear entryway. Sitting at the counter, I watched the talented culinary specialist fastidiously... Read more

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  • Dakar

    Perched on the edge of West Africa, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, Senegal has long gone quietly about its business while its neighbors get into all sorts of trouble. Quietly, of course, is a misleading word in the context of Dakar, the sultry capital city and dust-ridden domain of all-night music clubs, infamous traffic, relentless hustlers, and nonstop construction, where the dead silence of night is…   Read more


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    • Time for tea


      Senegalese tea, named attaya, is drunk the same way across the Sahel. Wherever I am, boys and men will be hunched around a small chipped enamel tea pot, sat upon a couple of lumps of charcoal.…    Read more

    • African Soup

      Abene, Casamance, Senegal
      Last night, Khady, my Senegalese girlfriend, told me she was cooking chicken soup. When it was served, it was a large platter of chicken, potatoes and onions with a drizzle of sauce. Exactly the s…    Read more
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  • Quintessential Dakar: What to Eat

    A city spotlight on Dakar, Senegal’s sultry capital city, where French, Wolof, and North African influence meets local ingredients in the kitchen—and on the street. Hand-carved pirogues on the beach in Ngor, in Dakar Perched on…   Read more

  • Photos: Art in Dakar

    Everywhere I turned in Dakar, there was something colorful (albeit often covered in dust) to admire: Art, like crunchy baguettes and good music, seems to be everywhere in Senegal's capital city. Some of it we purchased and brought home with…   Read more

  • Letting Go in Senegal

    View from the road in Popenguine When Scott and I travel for Eat Your World, it’s hardly relaxing. Before even getting to a destination, our minds are already swimming with loads of pre-trip research, we know what foods we’re…   Read more

  • Hunting for Dibi, Senegal

    One of many temples to dibi, or grilled meat, in Dakar, this dibiterie boasts a cult-like status in the capital: It’s said to be musician Youssou N’Dour’s favorite, dispensing inexpensive, expertly prepared food at all hours…   Read more

  • Georgie & the Boom, Senegal

    What happens when Team EYW shows up to a fancy eco-lodge with the best restaurant in Senegal? They wind up eating at the bar man’s house. Every friend of ours who has been to Senegal recommended we go to a hotel and restaurant in the Sine…   Read more

  • Scenes From Dakar's Soumbedioune Fish Market, Senegal

    After just three days, dusty Dakar has drawn us in with its street-corner baguettes, mellow fishing villages, surf-friendly beaches, and mad markets. A highlight among our explorations thus far has been the fish market at Soumbedioune, a cove on…   Read more


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