What: In one of Samaná’s most traditional dishes, fresh fish—whatever is available, though red snapper (chillo) and sea bass (mero) are common and equally tasty—is immersed in a flavorful sauce of tomato, garlic, onion, and coconut milk. It’s a deceptively simple preparation that’s oh-so-delicioso.

Where: Our picture is from the Italian-owned Kari Beach Hotel, located opposite the sands on the western side of Las Terrenas, a fishing village-cum-funky international beach town on the Samaná Peninsula’s north coast. The hotel has an on-site restaurant that does a terrific free breakfast, but you’ll want to be at the tiki hut/bar directly on the beach—a picture-perfect spot for a Caribbean cocktail, sure, but even better for this tropical-minded dish, which is served there when fresh fish is available.

2019 update: This hotel has sadly been closed for a few years. But definitely ask around at any comedor for this dish! Got a specific rec for us? Let us know in comments!

Order: Pescado con coco (US$10 per person), which comes with rice and habichuelas, or red beans. You know you’ll need a cold Presidente beer to wash this down.

Alternatively: This dish is pretty widespread all over the peninsula; look for it in any Dominican restaurant or waterside shack. In Las Terrenas, you’ll find it on some of the European menus, but it will be cheaper (around $10 rather than $14) at the more local, plastic-chairs-in-the-sand comedores.