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A Memorable Ramen Encounter


On a cold winter evening in Kyoto, I coincidentally found a minuscule ramen shop concealed in a tranquil rear entryway. Sitting at the counter, I watched the talented culinary specialist fastidiously... Read more

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  • Amsterdam

    Quick: What comes to mind when you think of Amsterdam? We’ll hazard a guess that it’s marijuana and prostitution, both of which are legalized in some capacity here. And perhaps, related to that: hordes of backpackers, stag and hen (bachelor/bachelorette) parties, frat groups. (Poor Amsterdam.) It may be the city’s famous liberalness that attracts the lion’s share of its annual visitors, but…   Read more


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    • Best Dutch Lunch

      If you ever need to have an authentic Dutch lunch, I can't recommend enough visiting Rob Wigboldus Vishandel. I had a fried cod sandwich and it was so good I came back 2 days in a row. Can't recomm…    Read more
    • Preparing Spelt Bread the Traditional Way in Maastricht

      Maastricht, The Netherlands

      On a recent trip we discovered this wonderful 7th century working water mill in the center of the southern Dutch city of Maastricht that grounded spelt flour and prepared breads using traditio…    Read more

See all user content from The Netherlands
  • Best Spots for Dutch Beer in Amsterdam

    You may think of Amstel, Heineken, and, well, other types of highs in Amsterdam before you think “craft beer,” but the Dutch capital has no shortage of terrific microbreweries and impressive beer bars that showcase small-scale Dutch…   Read more

  • Recipes From Afar: How to Make Stroopwafel, from Amsterdam

    If you've been to the Netherlands recently, chances are you're missing the stroopwafel, or "syrup waffle." The good news is, it's not too hard to make these Dutch sweets back home. The stroopwafel is a cookie unique to…   Read more

  • You Must Eat Surinamese Food in Amsterdam—Here's Why (& Where)

    We are kind of obsessed with Suriname and its multicultural cuisine. Where else do Dutch, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, African, and Caribbean influences mix and mingle so freely? From what we’ve heard, anyway: We have not actually been to…   Read more

  • New! Amsterdam Food & Travel Guide Now on Kindle

    We’re happy to announce we’ve just released our second destination guide on Kindle! The Amsterdam Food & Travel Guide includes all 24 of the local foods and drinks we scouted out in the Dutch capital, plus a bonus five-day EYW…   Read more

  • Video: One Minute in...Amsterdam!

    The canals, the coffee shops, the appeltaarts—Amsterdam is one heck of a city to visit, and when Scott and I were there in the fall of 2011, we thought, The more the merrier. We rented an apartment with five good friends, we gave them a…   Read more

  • Photos: iPhone Camera in Amsterdam

    I remember the days of always having one camera, two lenses, and a flash with me on my travels. That’s all changed with the iPhone. Last October I (finally) bought one, and happily tossed my old Samsung that could hardly connect to the…   Read more


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