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A Memorable Ramen Encounter


On a cold winter evening in Kyoto, I coincidentally found a minuscule ramen shop concealed in a tranquil rear entryway. Sitting at the counter, I watched the talented culinary specialist fastidiously... Read more

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  • Istanbul

    Istanbul (née Constantinople, née Byzantium) has traveled a long path in life, and changed hands many times over many centuries—the Romans, Byzantines, the Ottomans—to become what it is today: the cultural, historic nerve center of modern Turkey, and a great European culture capital beyond that. Surely you’ve heard writers and travelers and passers-through wax poetic about this…   Read more


    Find local foods in Istanbul.


    Jutting out into the Black Sea on Turkey’s north coast, pretty Sinop is a water-lover’s retreat with its expansive sea views and picturesque harbor, bobbing with boats. It’s a gem along this stretch of coast, its idyllic setting boasting a small-town yet cosmopolitan feel and, beyond that, a whole lot of living history: Walk the crumbling city walls, dating to around 72 BC, for some of the best…   Read more


    Find local foods in Sinop.

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    • Modern Turkish fine dining

      Yeni Lokanta, Istanbul
      After a few days of traipsing around the city with children in tow, we sat down for a civilized, adults-only dinner at Yeni Lokanta. With the children safely tucked up in bed with their babysitter,…    Read more
    • zehra

      Turkish cuisine is one of the cultural heritage of Turks who have played an imporrant role in the beginning and decelopment of the history of world civilization. Turkish cuisinw which has affect ma…    Read more
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  • Istanbul Food & Travel Guide: Now on Kindle!

    Lokum, or Turkish delight, from Istanbul Our Istanbul Food & Travel Guide is here! It’s our eighth destination guide on Kindle ($5.99; available on, but it’s extra special because it’s an Amazon…   Read more

  • Dish Spotlight: Boza in Istanbul, Turkey

    I’m a sucker for wintery drinks. Not just of the hot chocolate variety—that’s a given—but also thick, filling, savory drinks, like eggnog, Mexican atole, and this stuff, boza, in Turkey. A traditional fermented drink…   Read more

  • Video: The Making of Manti, in Sinop, Turkey

    Mantı. We tried the beloved Turkish ravioli, filled with ground lamb or beef, three different ways in our travels around the country. In Kayseri, in Central Anatolia, whose version of the dish is most famous, the boiled dumplings are tiny and set…   Read more

  • What to Eat in Sinop, Turkey’s Black Sea Coast

    The perfect hotel view, in Sinop Jutting out into the Black Sea on Turkey’s north coast, pretty Sinop is a water-lover’s retreat with its expansive sea views and picturesque harbor, bobbing with boats. It’s a gem along this…   Read more

  • A Walk Through Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar

    Diving into the crowded Spice Bazaar in Istanbul (with some gratuitous product placement, natch). It’s true we’re biased toward food markets, but Istanbul's Grand Bazaar—with its expensive gold jewelry, leather jackets,…   Read more

  • In Search of Hazelnuts on the Black Sea

    “Merhaba. Findik?” I made the motion of eating something. After one week of travel in Turkey, my Turkish had not improved a whole lot. Three of the men at the roadside table looked blankly at me, but one caught my drift. He said…   Read more

  • In Istanbul: A Brief Tribute to the Iskender Kebab

    Thin-sliced beef. Tomato sauce. Melted butter. Such is the holy trinity of the Iskender kebab, a.k.a. the döner kebab on crack—and one of the best things we’ve eaten thus far in Istanbul. Of course I’m exaggerating (not…   Read more


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