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Avenues, Kuwait City, Kuwait

I visited Chocomelt cafe in the Kuwait City at the avenues mall with my family. The food presentation was beyond good and the desserts is created to please you from the first bite Read more

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Queso en salsa

Queso en salsa from La Flor de Oaxaca in Oaxaca, Mexico.

What: White, semi-soft Oaxacan cheese, a.k.a. quesillo, is known far and wide for its mild taste and mozzarella-like stringiness. Naturally, you’ll find it all over its home state in a wide range of preparations, but queso en salsa—a grilled block of Oaxacan cheese swimming in a tomatoey sauce—is one example of a dish that puts it in the savory spotlight. Where it’s quite comfortable, we might add.

Where: We found this at La Flor de Oaxaca (951-516-5522; Armento y Lopez 311, map), a modest restaurant that turns out refined regional dishes. The deliciously salty, warmed block of cheese is generously topped with epazote, a fragrant Mexican herb, and well balanced by the thin, slightly sweet, Italian-esque tomato sauce.

When: Daily, 7:30am-10pm

Order: Aside from the queso en salsa (56p), other regional dishes we recommend here include the ensalada de nopales, chiles rellenos de picadillo, and the mole amarillo con pollo.

Alternatively: It’s not exactly the same, but Casa de la Abuela (951-516-3544; Hidalgo 616, map) has a similarly cheese-focused dish: quesillo a la plancha, a grilled hunk of Oaxacan cheese served with black beans and guacamole.


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