What: Also known as Cuban coffee, cafecito, or cortadito, café Cubano is a shot of Cuban espresso, generally sweetened with demerara sugar (a less refined, light brown, caramel-tasting sugar) as it’s brewed—resulting in a smooth, strong, subtly sweet espresso minus the sugar dregs.

Where: You can find these all over Cuban Miami—even in gas stations, we’re told—but we’re partial to the cafecito at the legendary Versailles (3555 SW 8th St., map), a palatial, 40-year-old restaurant comprising a fancified diner with tuxedoed waiters, a bakery with seating, and an outdoor walk-up coffee window, La Ventanita—go there for yours. Although this is probably the best-known Cuban restaurant in Miami, it’s always filled with Spanish-speaking, card-playing, and/or suited-up Cuban regulars.

When: Mon-Thurs, 8am-1am; Fri, 8am-2:30am; Sat, 8am-3:30am; Sun, 9am-1am

Order: Café Cubano con leche evaporado, served with steamed evaporated milk. Heaven in a demitasse.