What: This bright pink, super sweet, fruity cocktail is made with rum, lime, and passion-fruit syrup, garnished with cherry and an orange slice, and served in an oversize glass shaped like a hurricane lamp—unless, of course, you order it “to go,” in which case a plastic cup will be your vessel.

Where: Loud, sprawling, multi-bar Pat O’Brien’s (718 St. Peter St., map) is the original home of this drink. As the story goes, it was invented by bartenders here in the 1940s in order to dispose of giant surpluses of rum, which was less popular at the time. If it’s a breezy night, try to snag a table in the outdoor patio—or at least wander out there to see the famed “flaming fountain.”

When: Mon-Thurs, noon-2am; Fri-Sun, 10am-3am

Order: Yes, this bar is one big tourist attraction, and no, this drink does not exist in nature. But it’s kind of a must to try at least one Hurricane ($8) here during your lifetime. Finish it, and you’ll be well on your way to drunkhood.

Alternatively: Though Pat O’Brien’s is where it all started, we found the Hurricane at historic Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop (941 Bourbon St., map) to be much more drinkable—and definitely as strong.