Despite what you may have heard, there is, in fact, a Central New Jersey. While the actual delineation is up for interpretation, you can pretty much assume you’ve entered the region when hear the words “hoagie” and “sub” used interchangeably for a certain type of sandwich and your radio tunes to both NYC and Philly stations.

Some suggest that Central Jersey starts roughly at Exit 9 on the Turnpike and runs south to Trenton and east to Routes 1 and 9. (There is indeed some truth to the Jersey joke “What exit do you live at?”) Others have argued the region encompasses what’s between Rutgers University (farther north) and Princeton, from the Delaware River to just shy of the Atlantic. But definitely NOT all the way to the ocean, because that is, without a doubt, the Jersey Shore, and its own thing (see our separate section). Whatever the actual border is, just trust us—it exists!

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